3 Types of Fear Procrastinators Experience

Christopher Parker quote

“Procrastination is like a credit card; it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.”

– Christopher Parker

This is a funny quote but is procrastination ever fun?

When I procrastinate it often takes up more mental energy. I have a constant nagging commentary in my head saying, ‘Right now you should be doing…’ and yet I still procrastinate.

Some excuses for procrastinating are obvious, such as:

  • Not in the mood to do it now.
  • Too tired to concentrate.
  • Plenty of time before the deadline.

However, these are symptoms not causes. Often the cause of procrastination is fear.  Here are three procrastination fears that surprised me when I first read about them:

  1. Fear of failure. Perfectionists fear failure because they equate who they are with their performance.
  2. Fear of success. Have a feeling of unworthiness to succeed or belief they can’t be both happy and successful.
  3. Fear of missing out.  By saying ‘Yes’ to everything they become overwhelmed and fail to finish some or all projects.

In each case, fear leads people to sabotage – unconsciously – progress by procrastinating.

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