Today’s workforce has grown-up on the Internet and expect their learning to be digital, available anytime, and relevant to their current task. We recognise the challenges companies face to meet these expectations and we’re here to help.

Project Management

A proven track record in delivering digital learning projects for global organisations, including health, oil & gas and public sectors.
(available for short or long-term contracts)


With 25+ years experience, we can help in creating your company’s digital learning strategy for a gen x y z workforce.
(daily consultancy rates apply)

eLearning Development

Working with you to create informative, engaging, interactive and educational eLearning on a variety of platforms.
(price on request)

Technical Authoring

Whether it’s online help or offline publications, we can create copy that answers the vital questions your workforce asks.
(price on request)


We can train your staff in Instructional Design techniques so you can confidently create your own eLearning in the future.
(price based on number of attendees)


Each year Robin gives FREE mentoring to young entrepreneurs in strategy, planning, productivity, leadership and product development.
(spaces are limited, so act quickly)

"to inform and engage learners we need logical INSTRUCTION and creative DESIGN"


Spinks eMedia has been fortunate to work with some industrious, creative, thoughtful and generous people and organisations. Here are just a few.


If you want to know more about Spinks eMedia services then outline a brief description of your requirements and we’ll arrange to talk. If you want to share ideas or collaborate on a project with me personally, then get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.