Spinks eMedia's Core Values

about my core values

I believe that core values should be exactly that – values that are core to the way I work.

Everyone that I connect with should know my core values – they should be self-evident truths – so obvious that I don’t have to state them.

But. And this is important!

If asked, I could tell you my core values without hesitation. More than that, I should be able to tell you what they mean to me personally - and they should reflect your experience with me.

four values

If you don’t recognise my core values in how I work with you – I’ve failed. If you don’t say, ‘Hey, those core values are so you!’ – I’ve failed. If you don’t remember my core values on hearing them – I’ve failed.

So, what are my core values? Simply these:

  • Be useful!
  • Mind the Gap!
  • Step back!
  • Jumpers for goalposts!

Huh? Well, let me tell you a story… or four storyettes if you prefer.

be useful

'Be Useful' means we work to create things of use, not simply 'things'.

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mind the gap

We are here to 'Mind The Gap' between where you are now, and where you want to be.

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step back

We always take time to 'Step Back' and assess where we are.

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Jumpers for goalposts

We create better solutions when we set boundaries even if that simply means using jumpers for goalposts.

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