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Leaders Should Not Connect All The Dots

Austin Kleon quote

“Share your dots but don’t connect them.”

– Austin Kleon

Sometimes it makes sense for leaders to deliberately leave gaps for others to fill. It allows alternative ideas to emerge and new connections to be made through team effort.

When setting individual tasks it sometimes makes sense to only show the dots. It allows the leader to:

  • Assess the capability of an individual.
  • Listen to an alternative viewpoint.

It allows the individual to:

  • Set/Create their own processes and routine.
  • Stretch their capabilities.

I have learned that you will get better results when you don’t spoon-feed team members.

However, for this approach to work, the leader must check-in regularly with the individuals for progress updates and to offer guidance when required.

As it is the individual connecting the dots, it’s up to them to speak first, update on progress, and drive the agenda. The best question the leader can ask is: “How’s it going for you?”

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