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Can There Only Be One Leader In An Organisation?

Peter Senge quote

“If you define a leader as an executive, then you absolutely deny everyone else in an organisation the opportunity to be a leader.”

– Peter Senge

Do we still think of people at the top of the company as the leader or are they too far removed from the daily tasks their employees perform?

Millennials now make up nearly half of the workforce in some countries. They are unlikely to stay at one company for the whole of their career. They seek new opportunity that will challenge them, ethical workplaces, and a balance in work/life.

In Monday’s quote I suggested teamwork and the passing-on of the leadership baton. Some of this is because it makes business sense, another reason is the workforce demands some autonomy.

That’s not to say that the CEO of a company is not a leader. They still need to share the vision and mission of the company and to allow opportunities for their employees to lead projects that fulfil the vision/mission.

With the current changes to how we work caused by coronavirus (COVID-19), leadership at every level of an organisation must be a priority. It will always take more than one executive to continue fulfilling the vision and mission of an organisation.

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