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What Makes a Great Leader?

Phil Dourado quote

Great leaders become leaders to achieve something, not to be someone.

– Phil Dourado

In today’s workplace, leadership is like a relay race. You don’t run the whole race yourself, you pass the baton on. It’s team work.

If you want to motivate your workforce, pass them the baton and let them run for a while. Focus on the purpose not the personality.

Seth Godin describes modern-day Tribes as an opportunity to start a movement, bringing together like-minded people to affect change. There may be one leader or there may be more. The important thing is that the tribe wants connection, meaning, growth, and something new at the end of it.

Their motivation is to achieve something, not to be someone.

I think Dourado uses the word ‘Great leaders’ to mean ‘good’ or ‘fantastic’ rather than mighty or all-powerful. It’s not limited to one person in a company, every leader in a company can be a great leader if their intention is towards positive change.

So, two questions:

  1. What motivates you?
  2. How do you motivate others?

Maybe this quote will help you decide.


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