2 Types of Feedback

Steven Levitt

“The key to learning is feedback It is nearly impossible to learn anything without it.”

– Steven Levitt

In learning, feedback isn’t optional – it’s mandatory.

In basic terms, feedback is about information, either a ‘reaction to’ an action or a ‘response from’ an input. For example:

  • A job appraisal is a ‘reaction to’ the action(s) you have completed.
  • A  tick mark is a ‘response from’ your input of a correct answer.

This week’s quotes of the day are all about feedback: feedback you give yourself; feedback you give to others; and why feedback is important.

Above anything else, the purpose of feedback is improvement.

If you’re a novice learner, forgive your failure, it’s only feedback; if you’re an expert, don’t ignore feedback, there are still new things to learn. If you’re giving feedback, begin by asking, ‘How did it go for you?’ Offer feedback in the spirit of improvement not condemnation.

If you create learning or build a product, pay attention to feedback.

React to users’ responses to build better lessons/products. Design lessons/products that respond appropriately to users’ inputs.

Want to continually improve?

Don’t hide or ignore feedback.

(Please comment below. I’d like your feedback.)

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