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7 Stages of Being a Learning Architect

Frank Lloyd Wright quote

“The two most important tools an architect has are the eraser in the drawing room and the sledgehammer on the construction site.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

Some Instructional Designers call themselves Learning Architects. I understand why.

The origin of the word ‘architect’ is from the Greek meaning ‘chief builder’.

In basic terms there are 7 stages to building a home:

  1. Blueprint of the home.
  2. Site preparation.
  3. Foundation.
  4. Framework. (walls, roof, etc.)
  5. Internal and External components. (plumbing, wiring, etc.)
  6. Home’s interior.
  7. Finishing touches.

As an analogy to the role of an ID, it works well, as does Wright’s quote.

The more time an ID can spend at the drawing table, the less likely a sledgehammer will be required. However, if something doesn’t work in practice, get the sledgehammer ready.

I still use the term Instructional Designer to remind myself that to inform and engage leaners we need logical Instruction and creative Design.

Logic is the eraser; creative is the sledgehammer.

Any idea is a mix of the logic and creative.

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