Why a Vision is Nothing Without a Mission

Milton Erickson quote

“A goal without a date is just a dream.”

– Milton Erickson

If you know who Milton Erickson is, you’re probably aware of NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming. Erickson’s ideas influenced the creators of NLP.

This isn’t about NLP. 

This is about the difference between a vision and a mission.

A mission statement is about setting objectives and the methods or approaches taken to reach those objectives.

A vision statement is about a future state you want to achieve.

I have a simple formula for this:

DO = F + I + T

To reach your Desired Outcome (i.e. vision) you must balance it with your Focus, Identity and Time (i.e. mission).

Knowing what future state you want is great but it’s not enough:

  • Find the focus of your Desired Outcome.
  • Identify the knowledge, skills and behaviours (Identity) required to reach your Desired Outcome.
  • Set a timeframe in which to achieve your Desired Outcome.

If you start with this, your goal won’t remain just a dream.

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