What’s Your Focus This Week?

One Think quote

“What’s the One Thing you can do this week such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?”

– Gary Keller & Jay Papapsan

The authors of this quote call it ‘The Focusing Question’.

The question is split into three parts:

1. ‘What’s the One Thing I can do this week…’ – this sparks focused action.

Focus is concentrated on one specific task. One task that can – not shoulda, coulda or woulda – but can be done. The task is achievable.

2. ‘… such that by doing it…’ – this qualifies the action.

Identifying a task is not enough, you have to decide why this action is the one thing to focus on.

3. ‘… everything else would be easier or unnecessary.’ – this tests the action.

Ask yourself how focusing on this action will help you get to your ultimate goal quicker and easier than any other action.

Answering this one question can help to bring a week of work on a project or goal into focus.

Quite a lot packed into one sentence don’t you think?

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