Getting Work Out There

Jon Acuff Quote

“90% perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in your head.”

– Jon Acuff

The white space in the top left corner of this quote’s graphic is a tenth of the area of the whole image.

It looks quite tiny compared to the black surrounding it. Yet we often use this 10% as an excuse to not finish – sometimes, not to start! – an idea, task or project. I’ve done that many times and am working to live with the 90%.

Today, the growth of Agile techniques at work means we don’t rely totally on upfront planning, instead we adapt as we progress. One person’s idea will be refined when shared with others in the interest of gaining more clarity. That’s good.

Saying all that, you still need to work on the 90% to create the best, most well-formed idea, argument, hypothesis, before you share with the world. Just don’t let the 10% stop you from sharing. -HFBKBU.

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